I have been told by one of my customers recently that a salesman from a local IT (and other stuff) store in Warn Ponds was telling her some questioable truths about her recent extensive IT and homeware purchases.

She had purchased a large amount of new tech and kitchenware, and was informed by the salesman that, in order for her warranty to be valid, she needed to plug each and evey one of these new purchases into its own $165 surge protector. This included a laptop, printer, frige and other expensive items.

This is total rubbish. The warranty in no way is contingent on the use of any sort of surge protection.  My client was so concerned by this garbage that I could not convince her to take the items back to the store for a refund. That is in no way a reflection on my client, because the vulture had done a very good job on her in the store.

Please beware. Remember these guys are on commission. They have absolutely no motivation to tell you the truth if the think they can extract more of your hard earned from your pocket. If they can get away with it, they will!!

I'm also sure, from some discussions on some tech threads that this information produced, that this type of theift is not just going on in Warn Ponds, but is more common in one particular store. A situation that would best be described as hardly normal.

If you have any doubts about the validity of information these vultures are giving you, please call us at GPSIT and we will gladly give you free advice.