Working from home efficiently.

Working from home can be effective and efficient with the correct set up at both home and the office.

There are a number of ways this can be made to work ranging from remotely accessing the work computers (in a secure manner naturally) or VPN connections into the office networks to access applications and files directly from home.

VOIP phones make remote phone communications easy, or if not or VOIP yet, simple phone forwarding can be an effective alternative.

We can help you get this happening with software and hardware that allows you to work from home as if you were in the office.

This doesn't have to cost a lot of money and can save your work force from having to travel and physically communicate with your clients in these uncertain times (or any other times for that matter).

It is always best to set this up BEFORE you need it though as things can be done in a much more planned and organized manner.

Let us know if you need help with setting this up.