Data Backup

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  • Onsite
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  • Virus Scanners
  • Malware Scanners
  • Disaster Recovery
How long would your business survive if it lost all of your client data. Do you have viable backups?

Sadly in this day and age the risk of data loss is ever present and the cost is high.

Data backup and disaster recovery are vital considerations for your ongoing success. Data loss can happen because of hardware issues, because of virus or ransome ware infections or simply from fat fingers.

If you do not have good, tested, backups, both on and off site you are vulnerable. Once the data is lost it too late to say we should have had a system.

We can provide both on site and off site data solutions to your organization. The complexity depend entirely on how important you consider your data to be and what your risk assessment is, but the cost does not need to be huge.

How much would it cost your company to be off line for a week while you rebuilt all of your data? How long would it take you to find all your lost customers? Could you do that before someone else found them instead?

Let us help you find a cost effective solution from as simple as scripts to backup your data to mobile hard disks, backups to on site network storage or backups to secure offsite repositories.