Our Expertise


Physical or Virtual
Servers, Desktops, Laptops
Networking, Printers


Software Support and Supply
Open Source or Proprietory


Web sites, Database applications, stand alone applications, data mining


Firewalls, Virus scanner, Malware scanners


Be it physical or virtual, we can specify, provide and manage all of your hardware needs.

In IT there are always multiple ways to solve a single problem and it is extremely difficult to compare different solutions. We will always go out of our way to offer you the most cost effective option for your specific needs.


We can support and supply many different software packages. Open source or propriety. We will look at your business and offer the most effective options.

We understand how important IT is to all business today and also understand that it is probably not your core business. We work with our clients to help their business thrive.

Let us make I.T. work better for you.


All businesses and many homes now have networks installed. We can look after your network, complex or simple, with access to the great outside being done carefully and securely with Linux firewalls or off the shelf hardware. NBN, Fiber, Wifi, ADSL, Point to Point, we can do them all.


We can support all of your I.T.

For Business or Home.

We can monitor your systems and look for problems. Keep the systems up to date and fully patched. We can back up your data both on site and off site.

Most of our support is done remotely. Business systems can be maintained after hours to minimize the impact on your business.

Bottom Line

Let us take the I.T. load off you. You have better things to do than manage systems you are not expert at. We can't run your business, but we can help you run your I.T.

Experience Counts

Golden Plains IT is one of the InfoTeq group of companies.

InfoTeq Pty Ltd has been providing quality I.T. support and consulting to Victorian and interstate companies for over 16 years with experience in many diverse industry sectors and home situations.