• Off the Shelf
  • Open Source Alternatives
  • Custom Built
  • Meteor
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++
  • Database
  • Big Data
  • Data Modeling
We can help you with Open Source alternatives to most commercial software, train you to use it, install and maintain it.

If we can't find something that exists to suite your needs, we can produce something custom to exactly do your bidding.

Be it open source invoicing packages like Pancake Invoices, commercial office packages, virus scanning packages like eScan AV, on site or hosted email and collaboration software like Zimbra, renewable energy dashboards or simple command line scripts, we are across a lot of software.

Our clients range from companies that must use in house software, to businesses we have moved entirely from propitiatory software solutions to open source alternatives.

We have written custom software in a wide range of languages from C and C++ to modern day Javascript frameworks like Meteor. We have done data modeling and big data analysis as well as simple warehouse applications for charities to track their stock.